My Weekend Affair with Kale

I read hundreds of articles on health foods and nutrition, but a lot of the time I just find myself putting down the magazine and continuing my old eating regimen. During my last… Continue reading


Ach I have not been very diligent about the upkeep of my blog! I also, honestly, have not been very active in the kitchen, but that is soon to change! And so here… Continue reading

Patterns and Loss

Our lives are filled with patterns. The clockwork rhythms that we find in nature are recreated in the stop and go of city life. There is a comfort to be found in repetition, it’s familiar… Continue reading

Home sweet home

What better way to begin spring semester than with a three day weekend? It seems like everyone is already up to their necks in work as we trudge towards that faint gleam of… Continue reading

Let’s begin with a birthday

Here it is! After months of deliberating over whether or not to create a food blog, I’ve finally gotten my act together and, well, you’re looking at my final decision! In the last… Continue reading