Boozy Birthdays (in cupcake form!)

Hooray for birthdays! Growing up, birthdays were always hugely celebrated in my house and not only did we receive priority and extra pampering on our special day, but for the entire month! Yup,… Continue reading

Risk and Reward

I am going to step away from the kitchen for a moment to write about the other hobby that I have a passion for, my not-so-secret affair with photography. I regularly cheat on… Continue reading

Tofu Pancakes

Although it is Sunday, my energy levels are dwindling and I could not bring myself to create an elaborate Sunday night dinner. After spending eight sedentary hours editing photographs on Photoshop while it… Continue reading

Something New

Three months into spring semester and things are changing! These last few months really have passed in a bit of a blur, with the loss of one of my closest friends and the… Continue reading

Sage and Butter, What more could you want?

Somehow I have managed to put off grocery shopping since returning from Mexico (honestly, I have no idea how since it is one of my favorite errands…), leaving my pantry and fridge sparse… Continue reading

Belated Pi(e)s and a Minor Detour

Now, there is a reason why I have been so MIA on the blog scene for the last several days…and that would be because I was taking a much needed vacation in Puerto… Continue reading