a moment about life

We’re all in search of something; whether it’s happiness, wealth or proof that there is more to life than what is directly in front of us, we continue to look forward for answers. Yet, in doing so, we often dismiss tiny moments in life that offer explanations to all of our existential fears and hopes. We must strive to realize the life fulfilling instances that surround us.

It’s Kairos.

Rather than living within the constraints of time, I aspire to recognize the moments in my life where I am connected to a greater existence, a greater power…Kairos…Life isn’t about order or trying to make sense of everything. Life is meant to be spent in discovery and in the company of those you cherish most. Realize that life is greater than the annoyances and stress that seem to occupy most of our experiences and that there is always something more.

Live with freedom and unabashed love and you will have all the answers you will ever need.