About Me

This blog is a lovechild of everything that brings me happiness in life. To me, the ultimate inducer of those warm fuzzies is food. When thinking of the best meals that I have ever had, I find it incredibly difficult to find a feeling that beats those moments. Because while that delightful bite of molten chocolate cake, melt in your mouth lamb chop or heavenly eggs benedict was incredible, it was only made complete by the company I was surrounded by. Eating isn’t one of those solo experiences; surrounding yourself with friends and family all plays into how wonderful that meal tastes and the nostalgic joy one feels recalling such fond memories.

I aspire to create moments like that in my own tiny kitchen. I am not professionally trained by any means; rather, I am an undergrad studying biology and photography just trying to fuse my passions into a collective career. But the kitchen is where I find the most comfort. No matter what happens during the day, cooking and baking for others will always ground me and remind me that life is life; and with all of the trials that we are tested with, our failures can be as great and essential as our successes.

And so I dream big. I one day hope to open up my own storefront or food truck and be able to cater to a larger and more diverse audience, so that they too, can be alleviated of life’s ills with food.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or just to chat at whataboutthepie@gmail.com

Happiness in One of the Most Beautiful Places in the World - South Africa