End of Semester Cram

My dear readers and fellow bloggers! My apologies for the lack of posts the past few days. I am afraid that as spring semester draws to a close and the days begin to dwindle, my course load does quite the opposite. So much has happened outside of the kitchen the last couple days, and lots of baking, cooking and photographing as well :). Between enjoying a lovely lunch with fellow Angeleno food bloggers at BLD on Sunday and winning tickets to see one of my favorite bands, Band of Skulls, last Friday, I’m not sure where to begin!

With little time for blogging at the moment, however, I can only leave you with a couple photos to reassure you that I have been in my kitchen.  If only there were a way to make this blog worth academic credit, then I would be posting nonstop!

Recipes to follow…

Granola any which way

Hearty Vegetarian Italian Soup